The marital home may be the greatest single asset of your marriage, but it may become a point of contention in your divorce given its financial and emotional value.


As a Certified Divorce Real Estate Specialist™, Krissi Spohn has the specialized knowledge and experience in divorce real estate that will make all the difference. What does Krissi bring to the table?



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Knowledge of the special problems of selling real estate in divorce.

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Information and resources on tax & legal issues of dividing real estate in divorce.

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Valuable insight, guidance and empathy during a highly stressful time.

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Strategies and tips to maximize the equity in the house for sale.



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Once you have investigated all your options and made the decision to sell your home, selecting your REALTOR® with great consideration during this tumultuous time is critical.

You need a real estate agent on your team that is compassionate and sensitive to your circumstances. Selling a home is stressful enough under normal circumstances, it can be overwhelming when you are already managing the emotional turmoil of the separation, legal issues, custody battle and settlement negotiations.
The key is to work with someone who can establish trust with both parties and remain neutral. Someone who can understand your concerns and help you determine the best strategy and priorities. Sometimes getting the best price is not as important as getting the house sold fast in order to allow for the quickest financial rebound.
Both sides need to be heard and then guided toward a solution in their best interests. With such support, you will feel more in control of the process and better equipped to make the right decisions.

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For expert consultation on options as they relate to the marital home, call Krissi Spohn at 720-723-0581 or to get a complimentary home evaluation to see what the property may sell for in today's market, enter your property and contact details below.



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Pricing strategy can be a key element of disagreement between divorcing couples.  To get an idea of what the property's value is, we are happy to compile and give you a free comparative market analysis (CMA) to help you see your homes value in today's market.