John Jarvis


  • Is the question whether or not you can keep your home after the divorce adding stress to your already demanding situation?
  • Are you wrestling with the notion of not wanting to move the children to a new environment if you don't have to?
  • What income and credit items will a bank evaluate, after the divorce, in order to approve your desired home loan?
  • How does receiving temporary support payments impact your ability to qualify for a new loan?
  • If your ex-spouse has always handled the financial items in household and you are not quite sure where to turn to determine "can I afford this home on my own?"
  • Are you agonizing over the decision as to whether or not you should sell your home and downsize or just rent?

These questions are best approached with a mortgage professional.

When the divorce settlement involves real estate and mortgage financing, John Jarvis plays a significant role on our team in putting the pieces of the puzzle together by recognizing the hurdles and opportunities for both parties.
John will sit down with you one on one, answer all of your questions and advise you of all of your options so that you can make an informed decision on what is best for your current situation.
John Jarvis is a Colorado resident for the better part of three decades, specializing in residential lending for over 15 years. His company is local and all underwriters are in house, meaning you get personal attention that is without equal.
Working arm and arm with John and his team, you can make the most informed decisions with regard to the marital residence and possibly, a new home to begin a fresh start. 



Are you looking to refinance in order
to stay in the family home?


Do you want a fresh start and pre-qualify
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