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Divorce carries with it serious life consequences. Couples who have decided to end their marriage need a total transition team on their side to address their many concerns and protect their interests. This includes Family Law attorneys, financial experts, and qualified real estate and mortgage professionals. Our team's focused, compassionate and diplomatic characters, combined with our attention to detail, creative problem solving and robust negotiation skills, makes us indispensable in all aspects of divorce.

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When it comes to divorce, not all real estate agents are created equal. Our real estate team can alleviate some of your stress by selling the marital home in the most efficient manner with resources that other real estate agents do not provide.

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Whether you want to buy out your spouse’s equity of the home and assume the previous mortgage, or if you are looking to move on and build new memories with a new home, a mortgage professional will be instrumental to achieve your goals.

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Your case will be personally handled by a stellar team dedicated to helping you with legal issues related to family law and divorce, with the personal attention, consideration and support that you deserve.

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In the midst of divorce, there are many financial decisions you will face. Working with a knowledgeable financial adviser through this time can provide you with the insight you need to get your financial house in order.

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